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The company BPH was founded in 2013 in Königsbrück near Dresden/Saxony and operates in continuation of the regional tradition, beginning in the 19th century, the mining and processing of “Lausitzer” Granite. From this outstanding construction material we produce bulk materials, such as stone chippings, mineral mixtures, crushed sands as well as gravel and armourstones of all size and weight classes.

BPH also specialises in the production of “Sächsische Wegedecken” (water-bound-surface dressings), which is a licensed product in the colors red, yellow, grey and anthracite and is mostly used for landscaping works, particularly natural park and garden design.

Another working field of BPH is the production and selling of Kaugummiasphalt, both products based on the outstanding Macfix Technology. We believe in environmentally friendly, stockable and all-weather cold asphalt. The market needs simple and long lasting solutions, which are available in any weather and which are economically in the long-term.