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Emulflex™ CL latex modifiers

A synthetic SBR latex emulsion for the modification and enhancement of cationic bitumen emulsions. This versatile synthetic SBR latex can be used to enhance the performance of surface treatments such as surface dressing, micro surfacing and bond coats. The improvement in binder properties means that any surface treatments applied with Emulflex™CL have greater durability and will deliver premium performance for longer.

Benefits of Emulflex CL

Emulflex™ CL can be used in slurry seal & micro surfacing emulsions to build up cohesion quickly, retain aggregate, improve low temperature  flexibility, increase high temperature stiffness and prevent cracking.

Emulflex™ CL enhances chip seal/surface dressing binders by increasing chipping retention, binder cohesion, elasticity and high temperature stiffness whilst reducing low temperature brittleness and cracking of the base binder.

Emulflex™ CL can be added to the bitumen emulsion either before or after the milling process. It is compatible with most emulsifier systems commonly in use and it produces a residual binder with far superior in-situ performance compared to that of a standard emulsion. Note: Raw material selection and the formulation of bitumen emulsions are both crucial in obtaining optimum performance of modified emulsions. 

Features of Emulflex CL

Improved cohesion across a larger temperature range

• Enhanced binder rheology; higher stiffness and improved elastic recovery

Improved adhesion and chipping retention

Enhanced low temperature flexibility and reduced tendency for cracking