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Emulfix™ bitumen emulsifiers

The Emulfix™ range of chemicals are for the emulsification of bitumen for use in cold processes such as micro-surfacing, surface dressing, tack coating, in-situ and ex-situ recycling. Our technical team are available for know-how transfer in the use of the emulsifiers and the end processes.

Product information

The Emulfix™  family of additives includes:

Cationix emulsifier for production of fast setting emulsions for use in processes such as surface dressing or tack coats

Breaking control agent for retarding break times of cold emulsion processes such as slurry sealing and micro asphalt surfacing. This allows areas to be covered by hand application.

Cationic emulsifier for production of medium setting emulsions for use in processes such as slurry seal or micro asphalt surfacing and in-situ recyling.

Cationic or anionic Emulsifier for production of slow setting Emulsions for use in processes such as Slurry Sealing, especially for hand applied Slurry or Machine apply in hot climates.