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Rapfix® recycling technology

Rapfix® recycling technology is a premium quality, proprietary additive designed to rejuvenate and restore the properties of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) binder and enhance the performance of asphalt.

The environmental and economic advantages of using RAP in asphalt materials are well known and widely publicised. RAP is now an important part of everyday asphalt production and as its use has become more widespread, the amount of RAP used in materials has naturally increased. If not carefully managed, higher percentages of RAP could result in inhomogeneous materials, laying/compaction difficulties and impaired asphalt performance. Higher percentages of RAP also demand increased mixing times and the use of softer grades of bitumen to compensate for the hard/aged RAP binder.

Rapfix Benefits

Rapix enhances the properties of aged RAP binder

  • Aids the redistribution of RAP binder throughout the hot mix asphalt
  • Improves binder fexibility
  • Lowers binder stiffness
  • Improves fatigue resistance
  • Rejuvenated binder meets RTFOT requirements specified in
  • EN 12591 for Paving Grade Bitumen
  • Restores self-healing properties

Rapix produces durable, long lasting asphalts

  • Improves workability and compaction
  • Lower void content, more durable materials
  • Aids hand working
  • Improves the materials resistance to ageing
  • Built in moisture resistance as standard
  • Enhanced crack resistance
  • Longer fatigue life

Rapfix® features


  • Easy to pump, low viscosity even at cold temperatures
  • Rapfix®B can be used on mobile mixing units


  • Low dosage rates due to efficient fluxing power
  • Can be used to recycle up to 100% RAP


  • High flash point
  • Very low to zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Rejuvenated material can also be recycled