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Breaking new frontiers in asphalt innovations across the globe

Company Overview

Macismo International Ltd is a small, highly successful business specialising in developing innovative products that enhance the performance of bitumen and asphalt.

For decades we supplied contracting services for the application of specialist maintenance solutions in the highways sector. Today we use our experience and many years of research to develop and supply innovative products that service and support the growing demand for recycled, cold and warm mix asphalt materials.

By carefully selecting chemicals to produce premium quality, proprietary additives, we now focus on developing cost effective and sustainable solutions for our wide range of international customers.

Proprietary Additives

Our specialist additives have been developed to modify and transform the bitumen used in asphalt and to enhance its physical properties. Not only do these additives enhance bitumen and asphalt performance, they also help produce durable materials that can reduce costs for the asphalt producer.

We are now a significant global supplier of specialist asphalt additives to a wide selection of customers, including some of the largest national and international producers of asphalt products.

Years of experience

Our team of experienced technologists commission our key products at customer production sites, ensuring that they fit with available facilities and raw materials. Additives and mix design technology are adapted to optimise the performance of the end product, ensuring they deliver the highest quality at the most economical cost.

We work with you to ensure that premium quality products can be delivered locally at competitive prices.

What can we do?

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