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Ponte do Freixo Bridge: a story of success

Habilfix enables highway repair on one of Portugal’s busiest bridges all year round; including winter and wet weather.

Portuguese based Habil Performance identified a gap in the market for Premium Quality Permanent Cold asphalt repair materials back in 2014. Following the development of Habilfix (developed using Macfix® technology) the company knew one of its main customers would be the government and related contractors.

The first opportunity for Habilfix came via an existing customer who had won a 3 year government Highway Maintenance Contract for a big district. Knowing that Habilfix enabled pot-hole repairs in all weather conditions, Habil Performance were keen to demonstrate how highway repair could be undertaken all year round, specifically during winter and in wet weather.

The proposal was met with interest as the customer’s current cold asphalt solution wasn’t suitable for highway use due to inferior quality, and hot-mix repair wasn’t viable during the cold wet season. At the time the customer was limited to pot-hole repair during good weather.

Once seen in action it was clear that Habilfix was the answer to their problem.

Keen for usage approval by the Portuguese government a test was undertaken on the Ponte do Freixo bridge one of the busiest highway bridges in Oporto.

“We started with a collapsed bridge dilatation joint then proceeded with several other basic potholes” said Rafael Oliveira (Business Manager). It was a simple case of open bucket, spread the mix, apply light compression and job done. We let the traffic do the rest. After 2 years it is still perfect, not a single stone has detached from the surface.”

The repairs were monitored for 4 months during the harsh winter and immediately approved. One of the main reasons it was approved was due to the production method; a controlled mix design, made with the best possible ingredients and produced in a top-quality asphalt plant.