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BituFIX cold asphalt excels in -20C

Macismo International’s newest cold asphalt licensee has had a busy winter. The Mongolian division of Bitumina recently secured a three year contract to repair 280km of state owned mining roads. The first stage of the project commenced mid-February 2019 during extremely adverse weather conditions.

But a bit of severe weather didn’t threaten the performance of their BituFIX cold asphalt mix.

“In Mongolia it’s still minus degree at night, but we made the first product of this year successfully and it’s performing pretty well” explains Ganshagai Battulga, CEO Bitumina Mongolia LLC. “We started the project on 13th February and the condition was terrible when we first got there. It’s windy and snowing at minus 20C degrees but BituFIX did not fail us.” Bitumina are aiming to complete the project for this year by the end of March 2019.

As well as BituFIX’s star performance on the roadside it drew significant attention at the recent Mongolian Road Expo 2019.

The excellent performance of the cold mix has lead to increased popularity and demand amongst road companies. During the Expo Bitumina sealed the deal on several substantial orders. “Our product-BituFIX became the hottest product during the Expo. It’s going famous among the people who work in this sector” says Battulga.

For 2019 Macismo are in discussion with Bitumina about it’s products used in the manufacture of Bitumen Emulsion.