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Fix pot holes permanently with Macfix® cold asphalt technology

Following a particularly wet and unusually snowy winter (for the UK at least) roads are showing clear signs of wear and tear. For motorists, cyclists and other road users negotiating the latest round of pot holes and broken up road it’s an annual cycle.

However are we right in feeling that they have been noticeably worse this year?

The RAC recently announced that breakdowns caused by the state of the roads, and specifically pot holes, nearly doubled in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the last three months of 2017.

Between January and March 2.3% of breakdowns were attributed to road conditions, with just 1.2% in the previous three months. This is the third highest figure recorded for pot-hole related call outs since records started in 2006. But it sounds like it won’t end there.The RAC are also warning that figures for the next quarter may be even worse, as a result of the snow storms and freezing rain that took place in February and March.

Maybe motorists aren’t imagining it after all.

The good news is solutions for durable, permanent and cost effective pothole repair are readily available.

Macfix® cold asphalt technology produces a stockable (up to 2 years) premium quality product that’s workable in all weather conditions – even down to -10C. As well as being a permanent repair (no re-visits required) it can be used in both asphalt and concrete surfaces. Macfix® cold asphalt can be laid quickly, without the need for mixing equipment, and roads can be opened to traffic immediately.

Macfix® received a good level of interest at the recent Pavement Preservation and Recycling Summit (PPRS) in Nice this March., The product is also available with an eco-friendly derivative Macfix® Green; manufactured with naturally occurring plant oils.

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