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Benefits of using asphalt rejuvenators

Increasing road use means highways authorities must find economic ways of stretching limited budgets to maintain their growing networks.

As asphalt is 100% recyclable, the last few decades have seen the importance of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) in new asphalt production increase. However during its lifecycle asphalt pavement continually ages and oxidizes, resulting in performance issues such as reduced flexibility and increased brittleness.

The development of asphalt rejuvenators has provided a means to counter these issues, making it possible to recycle RAP into new premium quality material. Rapfix® additives will restore binder properties and redistribute it through the mix. Rapfix® can also be used to treat cold processed RAP prior to stockpiling or during re-use.

Increased RAP content and improved performance
The use of higher quantities of RAP leads to reduced costs; lower requirement for virgin binder and aggregate and old material disposal, as well as minimising the impact on the environment. The Rapfix® family of rejuvenators can help asphalt producers successfully process high percentages of RAP (up to 100%) and allow contractors to place and compact the material for optimum performance during the life of the pavement. Its unique characteristics are key in transforming the aged RAP binder back into a material whose properties surpass those of even the original un-aged bitumen.

Rapfix® additives are specially formulated so they improve the moisture resistance of materials containing significant quantities of RAP.

Recover and restore aged RAP binder properties
Extensive research and development into these asphalt additives shows the improvements that can be achieved in the performance and durability of asphalt materials containing significant quantities of RAP.

High RAP content material produced with Rapfix® rejuvenators offers benefits such as;
– Improved workability (specifically hand working and working in severe weather conditions) and increased haul time
– Improved compaction resulting in lower in-situ air voids and enhanced durability
– Improved binder flexibility
– Enhanced fatigue life
– Enhanced moisture resistance
– Allowing the rejuvenated material to be recycled again.

Extensive testing has demonstrated that the Rapfix® family of additives are amongst the highest performing and most cost effective additives available in the asphalt industry today. These RAP additives have a strong track record and are being used by leading asphalt producers around the world.

Please see the relevant Technical data sheet for details of the research carried out.

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